5 Tips to Protect Yourself While on Holiday

When you go on holiday the last thing that you want to do is have to worry about the security of your home. Pronto Locksmiths is here to offer you a few tips which will help you to keep your home secure while you are away. In addition to practicing regular lock maintenance and having properly installed locks, these tips can help you to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of burglary. After all, the last thing that you want is to come home from holiday to find that your valuables have been taken and home security is compromised.

beach holiday security tips

Follow these security tips to make sure that your holiday is the relaxing experience that it should be.

1. Stay Off Social Media

Announcing that you will be going on holiday on social media can seem as though it is harmless, however more than just your close friends are able to see those posts you put online. Whether it is saying that you will be leaving, or posting photos from the location you are at, you can make yourself a much bigger target for residential burglars who are looking for an easy target. Your best course of action is to refrain from posting your holiday pictures until you have returned back home.

2. Have a Friend or Family Member Stop-In

If you are on an extended trip you may want to consider having a trusted friend or family member stop by your home on a regular basis. By having this individual stopping by your home it will seem as though the normal residents are home, to a suspecting thief. This could be a better alternative to strictly leaving a light on while you are not in the home.

3. Post Security Camera Warning Signs

For awhile the old trick to deter thieves was to have a “beware of dog” sign, even if the homeowner did not have a dog. While a dog can be a reliable security measure for your home, leading thieves to believe that you have closed circuit television cameras is a great way to deter them from striking. Now that closed circuit television has become more affordable, it is being used in residential locations more commonly. Use this to your advantage to prevent thieves from striking while you are on holiday.

4. Have Mail Held or Redirected

One of the most obvious give-aways to residential burglars that you are on holiday is when mail begins to pile up at your home. Australia Post has both mail holding and mail redirecting services, which should be taken advantage of. Not only will you continue to receive your normal mail while you are away, you can stop one of the most obvious signs to burglars that you are not home from appearing.

5. Lock All Windows and Doors

While this tip may seem like a no brainer, it is all to often for homeowners to leave a window or door unlocked which a thief takes advantage of. Before you leave on holiday be sure to double check that every lock, both windows and doors, is locked. Many of these crimes can be crimes of opportunity, so it is best to never give a thief the opportunity to strike at your home.

Above all, it is important to make sure that your locks are properly installed and functioning before you leave on holiday. If you had a contractor install your exterior locks, it may be wise to turn to a professional locksmith to see if the installation has been completed properly. If the installation has been completed properly, great! You are secure, but if not the locksmith will be able to help you achieve that security.

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