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What to Look for in a Mobile Locksmith

Being locked out of your home or losing your car keys can be an extremely frustrating situation. When this occurs you want to already have a vetted mobile locksmith who will be able to assist you rather than having to find one on the spot. It is highly recommended that you first find a locksmith in your area, that can be trusted, before you ever are in need of service. If you are not prepared and find yourself in need of locksmith service, you can easily be fooled into paying astronomical amounts for less than professional service. Pronto Locksmiths has tips on what to look for in your mobile locksmith when vetting companies. Finding a locksmith who suites your needs before any service is needed, will help you to save money and hassle in the long run.

24 Hour Locksmith Availability

You never know when you may find yourself locked out of your home or vehicle, so it is best to have a locksmith already saved to mobile device who will be able to assist you. When vetting locksmith companies make sure to ask if they are available 24/7 for service. It is also important to ask whether it will also be a professional completing overnight service and not an apprentice in training. Additionally, you will want to ask what the rate for overnight service is compared to the rate during normal business hours. All of this information will help you to decide if that company is right as your 24 hour locksmith.


As mentioned above, asking for pricing is crucial when choosing a locksmith. Before choosing your locksmith for service, ask the price of likely services that you may need. Since price can differ based on your location, ask for a price quote for lock outs near your work and home. It is also recommended to ask the locksmith a price for the replacement of your car key, this is important to know since his price will likely be much cheaper than that of the dealership. All of this will help you to make an informed decision for your which locksmith should be yours, but beware, if a locksmith can not offer you a price quote for a specific service they may be trying to pull the bait-and-switch tactic on you and should be avoided.

Service Area and Professionalism

It is obviously crucial to check the service area of the locksmith that is going to be providing service for you. As mentioned above, the distance a locksmith has to travel can affect pricing, so make sure that you are within the service area of your locksmith at both your home and work. Lastly, but most certainly not least, check the professional credentials of the locksmith which you are choosing. You want to make sure that only a true professional is completing service on your home or vehicle. By choosing a professional, like Pronto Locksmiths, you can not only rely on the locksmith for emergency services, but also use his training and expertise to help upgrade your home or commercial security.

By taking the time to simply call a few local locksmiths before you are ever in need of service, you can prevent large charges and unexpected hassles in the future. All it takes is just a few short minutes, to call your local locksmith to check a few basic details which will give you peace of mind that you will always be able to reach a professional when you are in need of emergency locksmith services.


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Emergency Locksmith Service ‘Without Reproach’

Pronto Locksmiths offer a true 24 hour emergency locksmith service to protect your home or business. Phones are monitored and answered by the business owner which means you get professional emergency locksmith service 24/7. From Brisbane Northside to Gold Coast, Pronto Locksmiths offer emergency lock services with an average response time of just 40 minutes.

Our tradesman has 15+ years attending to the needs of Brisbane locals so we know that when you are locked out in Brisbane or locked out on the Gold Coast we can get there fast. Our business location has been carefully selected to enable access to major highways and freeways for fast response.

We carry the latest in car locksmith technology, and a healthy range of commercial and residential security products. All backed with 20 million in public liability insurance to give you peace of mind during your emergency locksmith crisis. Our pricing is structured to be competitive while still allowing us to provide same day service, after all when you really need a locksmith a cheap service call means nothing. We offer round the clock service for your home, car, business or safe security needs with an upfront and honest tradesman.


Pronto Locksmiths is a proud member of Locksmiths Guild of Australia.

When you call Pronto Locksmiths the owner of the business answers the phone with nearly 20 years of experience behind him. This means that we know the right questions to ask to give you a firm price for emergency locksmith needs 24 hours a day. We do not bait and switch, nor do we drill your expensive locks and hit you with a massive bill to fit a new ones. Our policy is simply to provide “service beyond reproach” and we do just that.

Pronto Locksmiths is also is an active and passionate Locksmiths Guild of Australia member and we take great pride in quality work at fair pricing. As a Locksmiths Guild of Australia member we are bound by the LGA constitution. So before you book your locksmith service with an amateur ask yourself; do you want the job done cheap? Or do you want the job done right? All work performed by, and all products supplied by Pronto Locksmiths come with an 18 month warranty. If a product fails after we have installed it, we will fix it free of charge.

In the event of a break-in, in most cases we can deal direct with your insurance company to get your property secure again and get you back to normal life as soon as possible. We can even re-key your car and your house at the same time, no getting your car towed back to a dealer and leaving it with them for a week!

The business owner has worked for two of Australia’s most well known security product providers as a technical customer service representative, this means you receive a level of service and product knowledge that cannot be matched by our competitors.

We have priced our after-hours emergency service to be as fair as possible, simply put from 5.00pm till 10.00pm charges are worked out on a time and half basis. From 10.00pm to 8.30 am charges are worked out on a double time basis. The standard business hours service call is $70 the evening service call is $105 and the late night service call is $140. Business hours labour is $80 per hour evening labour is $120 and late night labour is $160 per hour. Labour rates are broken up into 15min blocks for example 15mins during business hours would be $20. Pricing for the supply of products will vary depending on the availability of genuine or after market products. Not sure exactly what your locksmith service could cost? Make the call to Pronto Locksmiths and you can receive a firm price quote in just a matter of minutes.

In emergency lock and key situations you want to make sure that you are constantly guarded. Save our phone number to your mobile device and you will be able to access professional locksmith service in just a matter of minutes, by making on simple call.

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