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Deadbolt Locks: Simple yet Secure

Deadbolt locks have been a staple in residential and commercial security for years and they are not likely to go anywhere in the near future. The reason for this is the relatively high amount of security that they are able to offer at a surprisingly low cost. Almost every door has a simple knob lock fixed to it, which can be easily compromised by an experienced lock pick. Some home and business owners who are victimized by burglars are surprised to hear that simply having a deadbolt installed on their entry door could have prevented their loss from occurring, yet it is true.

deadbolt locks

Deadbolts are an inexpensive and effective addition to commercial and residential security.

A standard knob lock can easily be bypassed using a credit card or other flat object. Thanks to the nature of the deadbolt lock, this is not an effective way to disable it. It is highly recommended to have a deadbolt installed on any entry door which only currently uses a standard knob lock just for this reason. Without a deadbolt that is properly installed an experienced thief can disable a knob lock in just a matter of seconds, leaving your home open to burglary. By having and arming a deadbolt lock on your exterior doors, you can achieve a much higher level of security than with just a standard knob lock.

While simply having a deadbolt does increase the amount of security that you have on your door, receiving professional installation is key to ensuring that your lock functions properly. Having your lock just slightly misaligned can cause wear and tear or even worse, malfunction. By choosing a professional locksmith to complete the installation of your deadbolt, you can prevent yourself from needing further lock service in the future.

When it comes time to choose a professional locksmith to complete your deadbolt lock installation, consider Pronto Locksmiths. Pronto Locksmiths is available 24/7 and services wide range throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane. With over 15 years of professional experience Pronto Locksmiths should be your number one choice to complete your lock or key service. Choosing an unprofessional contractor can leave your security vulnerable and also lead to further repairs down the road. By choosing a lock professional such as Pronto Locksmiths you can have peace of mind that your locks are going to function properly.

The Future of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt may be a simple technology now, but in the near future, it may be more common to find smart technology in your deadbolt locks. Today Kwikset debuted their Kevo smart lock to the Australian market. The Kevo is a deadbolt lock which can be armed and disarmed through an application on your smart phone. This could become more common in the future, as technology because cheaper to mass produce, which could lead to a dynamic future for deadbolt locks. In the meantime, a standard deadbolt lock will help you to make your home or business more secure, without having to break the bank.

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Smart Locks, Wave of the Future?

Technology is seeping into our everyday lives more and more, this is no more apparent than in recent advancements to residential security. Smart phones are being integrated into home security making it easier for homeowners to have access for themselves, or to send access to someone else. Some are wary of new smart technology, concerned about safety and security issues which may possibly arise. In the coming months more smart locks will be hitting the market which will make it easier for consumers to decide whether this convenience is going to be plausible without compromising security or safety. Currently the Kwikset Kevo is slated to be the first smart lock to hit the Australian market October 1 and aims to take advantage of being the first lock of its kind to hit the market.

kwikset kevo

The Kwikset Kevo is the first smart lock slated to hit the Australian market on October 1.

While the Kwikset Kevo may be the first to hit the Australian market, both Lockitron and August intend to quickly follow suit. There is a main difference between the Kwikset Kevo and the two which wish to hit the market later. The Kevo (pictured above) is a completely new lock which would be installed on your door, while the Lockitron and August fit on top of the existing lock that you have installed. This is the main difference which causes the Kevo to have a slightly steeper price tag than the other two which are mentioned. This same fact also makes the Lockitron and August models more appealing to renters, who may not be allowed to change their entire lockset.

How Smart Locks Work

Some people may think that a smart lock may not be able to add convenience to their life, after all turning a key in the door knob is not a very tough task. However, a smart lock brings more to the table than just keyless access for yourself. Smart locks enable you to be able to send a digital key to deliverymen, babysitters or other visitors who may need access to your home while you are not there. Another benefit is that you are able to arm your lock, easily, from anywhere in the world. It is extremely easy to run out of the house while completely forgetting to lock your door behind you. With a smart lock, you can have peace of mind that your lock is armed and home is secure.

Smart Lock Security Concerns

Many individuals have been skeptical of how secure a smart lock can possibly be. These same individuals wonder if our security is not best left to the traditional lock and key systems which we see widely used today. One of these concerns lies in the encryption code which the Kevo uses. The encryption which is being used is a lower level than you would find in many high level government documents, which means these locks are likely vulnerable to experienced hackers. Thinking practically, it is unlikely that an experienced hacker would “waste” their expertise on a smaller target like a residential lock.

Future of Smart Locks

It remains to be seen if homeowners will welcome smart locks for residential use. Some homeowners may prefer the familiarity and security that a traditional lock and key set offer, which could slow the initial success that locks like the Kwikset Kevo will be able to have on the market. However, it is likely, that as prices of smart locks decrease and their reliability can be confirmed that they will become popular for the convenience that they are able to offer.

For now, you can rely on Pronto Locksmiths to be able to service all of the needs for your residential lock and security needs.

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