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Locked Out Darwin Resident Attempts to Rappel Into Apartment

(VIA ABC) In a scene that could be taken straight out of the Mission Impossible movies, a man in his mid-20’s was ready to rappel down the side of his apartment block after locking himself out of his apartment. Early Tuesday evening, police received a call about a suspicious man on top of an apartment block ready to jump. Once police arrived on the scene they could see the man attempting to count the number of floors and preparing to jump. Wasting no time, the police rushed to the apartment roof to discover what was going on. To their surprise, once of the roof, they witnessed the man with a rope tied around his waist, with the other end tied around a pole on top of the apartment building.

After some quick urging, police were able to get the man to back away from the building’s edge. Much to the police officers’ surprise, the reason that the man was attempting to jump from the roof was to rappel onto his balcony to re-enter his apartment. Fortunately police were able to get there before this Darwin man had a chance to try his plan in live action. By simply not wanting to pay for the services of a locksmith, the man was putting his life, and possibly the lives of others, in danger. The police did say, “to the man’s credit”, that he had decided that the stunt was too dangerous to pull off and likely would not have gone through with the action anyway.

man locked out repels

Having at least seven floors to contend with, this man’s daring reentry to his apartment could have easily turned to a tragedy.

Obviously there are much better options than trying to rappel down the side of a large apartment building, and calling a locksmith is chief among them. Darwin police Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen gave the following alternatives, “having a spare key or utilising the services of a locksmith would be a better idea in the future should he unfortunately lock his keys inside again”. While we highly recommend calling your local locksmith whenever you are locked out, there are certain security concerns that having extra spare keys can lead to. Leaving a key hidden outside of your residence is an easy way to give a potential thief access to your home. Thieves are aware of some of the common hiding spots for spare keys and could easily find your spare and access your home. Instead, leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor, or a nearby family member. Doing this will allow you to keep your home, business or apartment safe while also eliminating the chance you have to rappel down your apartment building. While Pronto Locksmiths does not offer services in the Northern Territory we hope that any residents in Brisbane or Gold Coast who are locked out decide to call our professional technician to complete their emergency locksmith service, rather than having to put themselves in danger. To learn ways to help protect yourself from being locked out, review our blog posts, or call to speak with our experienced locksmith.

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Emergency Locksmith Service ‘Without Reproach’

Pronto Locksmiths offer a true 24 hour emergency locksmith service to protect your home or business. Phones are monitored and answered by the business owner which means you get professional emergency locksmith service 24/7. From Brisbane Northside to Gold Coast, Pronto Locksmiths offer emergency lock services with an average response time of just 40 minutes.

Our tradesman has 15+ years attending to the needs of Brisbane locals so we know that when you are locked out in Brisbane or locked out on the Gold Coast we can get there fast. Our business location has been carefully selected to enable access to major highways and freeways for fast response.

We carry the latest in car locksmith technology, and a healthy range of commercial and residential security products. All backed with 20 million in public liability insurance to give you peace of mind during your emergency locksmith crisis. Our pricing is structured to be competitive while still allowing us to provide same day service, after all when you really need a locksmith a cheap service call means nothing. We offer round the clock service for your home, car, business or safe security needs with an upfront and honest tradesman.


Pronto Locksmiths is a proud member of Locksmiths Guild of Australia.

When you call Pronto Locksmiths the owner of the business answers the phone with nearly 20 years of experience behind him. This means that we know the right questions to ask to give you a firm price for emergency locksmith needs 24 hours a day. We do not bait and switch, nor do we drill your expensive locks and hit you with a massive bill to fit a new ones. Our policy is simply to provide “service beyond reproach” and we do just that.

Pronto Locksmiths is also is an active and passionate Locksmiths Guild of Australia member and we take great pride in quality work at fair pricing. As a Locksmiths Guild of Australia member we are bound by the LGA constitution. So before you book your locksmith service with an amateur ask yourself; do you want the job done cheap? Or do you want the job done right? All work performed by, and all products supplied by Pronto Locksmiths come with an 18 month warranty. If a product fails after we have installed it, we will fix it free of charge.

In the event of a break-in, in most cases we can deal direct with your insurance company to get your property secure again and get you back to normal life as soon as possible. We can even re-key your car and your house at the same time, no getting your car towed back to a dealer and leaving it with them for a week!

The business owner has worked for two of Australia’s most well known security product providers as a technical customer service representative, this means you receive a level of service and product knowledge that cannot be matched by our competitors.

We have priced our after-hours emergency service to be as fair as possible, simply put from 5.00pm till 10.00pm charges are worked out on a time and half basis. From 10.00pm to 8.30 am charges are worked out on a double time basis. The standard business hours service call is $70 the evening service call is $105 and the late night service call is $140. Business hours labour is $80 per hour evening labour is $120 and late night labour is $160 per hour. Labour rates are broken up into 15min blocks for example 15mins during business hours would be $20. Pricing for the supply of products will vary depending on the availability of genuine or after market products. Not sure exactly what your locksmith service could cost? Make the call to Pronto Locksmiths and you can receive a firm price quote in just a matter of minutes.

In emergency lock and key situations you want to make sure that you are constantly guarded. Save our phone number to your mobile device and you will be able to access professional locksmith service in just a matter of minutes, by making on simple call.

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