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The Advantages of a Master Key

Business and home owners who are tired of needing to carry around a large ring of keys to access every area of their home or business can turn to a professional locksmith to provide them with just one key that is able to open every lock they need access to. This type of key is referred to as a master key, and can be created by re-keying the locks which are already installed on your doors. These locks and the keys which are used to open them are referred to as a master key system. Using a master key system a home or business owner is able to have access every lock at the location, or even multiple location, without the need to carry around a large key ring. However, the benefits of a master key system do not stop with the convenience of just one key for yourself.

Having a master key system installed, especially at a commercial building, can also help you to get a higher level of security. Not only are you able to have a single key which can be used to open every lock that is a part of the system, but you are also able to delegate individual lock access to lower level employees relatively easily. This allows for the business owner and other higher level managers to have convenient access with one key, while ensuring that lower level employees get the access to the areas of the location that they need. By creating this separation, business owners and manager are able to create accountability knowing that only authorized personnel are able to access specific locks.

master key system

Master key systems are convenient and secure way for all employees to have the appropriate level of access that they require.


Benefits of a Master Key System

  • One easy key to access every lock
  • Easily delegate individual lock access
  • Create accountability based on access
  • Secures more sensitive areas of your location

Pronto Locksmiths is one company that you are able to turn to for completion of your master key system. With years of experience and product knowledge the professional locksmith who assists you will be able to come up the master key system solution which works best for your commercial or residential needs. Systems both big and small can be easily completed by Pronto Locksmiths. It is highly recommended to speak with a professional to help you to develop the master key system in order to develop the most effective master key system possible.

How Master Key System Differs from Re-key

Re-keying is essential to the master key system installation process. Re-keying is the adjusting of the pins inside of a lock’s tumbler in order for a lock to be operated by a brand new key. By completing this re-key strategically across multiple locks, our professional locksmith is able to develop a master key system with keys that have varying levels of access. A single re-key is generally completed on exterior entrance locks to prevent theft and burglary however, with the help of a professional locksmith, a system of re-keyed locks can help increase security across your business or home.

There are a myriad of uses for master key systems across both residential and commercial locations. Contact Pronto Locksmiths and discuss with our professional how a master key system is able to improve the ease of access and residential or commercial security that you have. Pronto Locksmiths will also be able to assist you in developing the master key system that will work best for the operation and needs of your home or business. Our professional will work with you to not only meet your needs and desires, but also make professional recommendations which can increase convenience while avoiding unnecessary costs.

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When should you have your locks re-keyed?

Pronto Locksmiths highly recommends having a re-key completed instead of having your locks changed as a way to save money, while still achieving the same outcome that you would like. However, re-keying may only be a suitable alternative in some circumstances and customers should be aware of these to ensure they are always getting the best value for their locksmith services. To understand when you should have your locks re-keyed you first have to understand exactly what a re-key is. When our locksmith completes a re-key he is adjusting the pins inside of the lock so that an new key can function inside of the lock. This allows for a new key to operate in the lock and makes other version of the key ineffective.

1. Moving into a new home or apartment

It is highly recommended to have your locks re-keyed right after moving into a new home. The reason for this is that you can never fully trust who the previous owner gave keys to. By having your locks re-keyed rather than completely changed, you can keep any unwanted visitors from entering your home, without having to spend for brand new locks.

2. After employee turnover at your business

After an employee has left your business and previously had access to sensitive areas, it may be wise to have a re-key completed. By having this lock re-keyed you can ensure that they are unable to enter back into your business even if they made copies of your old key. Re-keying gives you that extra peace of mind that your business is safe.

3. When having a master key system installed

Master key systems are a great way to keep convenient access to your home or business. By re-keying all of your locks (even across multiple locations) our locksmith can  provide you with one master key that opens every single lock in the system. The locks can also be set to easily delegate individual access to just one part of the system. The combinations and customization options for your re-keying service are nearly endless.

To discuss your re-keying options, call Pronto Locksmiths today. Throughout Southeast Queensland our professionals are completing professional locksmith services from Brisbane to Gold Coast.

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