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Could KeyMe Come to Brisbane?

Smart technology is helping individuals in nearly every aspect of their daily life. One area which smart technology has not been able to fully assist individuals yet has been when they find themselves locked out of their home. Unless you are one of the very small percentage of residents who uses smart lock technology, then you likely have to turn to a Brisbane locksmith to provide you with the assistance that you need. One American company wants to make this a thing of the past.

KeyMe Not Yet in AU

KeyMe is the American company that has attempted to make it easy for individuals to get replacement keys when they have lost their existing key or have locked themselves out. Initially being tested in New York City, KeyMe is a smart phone application which allows you to take a photo of your existing key in order to store a copy of it in “the cloud”. KeyMe has partnered with 7-Eleven to put their kiosks inside of some franchise locations. The thought being, that New Yorkers who copied their keys using the KeyMe application could simply walk down the street to get a replacement key from the kiosk inside of 7-Eleven. Additionally, KeyMe users can also order a copy of their key from the KeyMe website and have it sent to their address. While KeyMe may have a solid idea, there are definite security concerns which arise.

KeyMe Security Concerns

There are a few security concerns which arise from the use of smart technology to store sensitive information like the exact cuts for your house key, which KeyMe has attempted to address. The first security concern is that anyone who has the application would be able to copy your key with just a simple picture being taken. While KeyMe does require that a credit card be used which has a billing address which matches where the key is being sent, there is no way for their image to authenticate whether you are authorized to make that key or not. Some people may say, ‘the same can be said for a hardware store’, however it is much more difficult for a thief to steal your key and take it to the store than simply snap a picture of it. The second main security concern deals with the way that KeyMe stores the copies of your keys. A skilled computer hacker may be able to penetrate KeyMe’s security and with your information on file they would be able to determine which keys could be used in which locations.

key me keys

Above is the KeyMe application scanning a standard key.

For the time being, KeyMe has to plans to expand into the Brisbane area. Since their initial testing is still ongoing it is difficult to judge what the widespread use of a service like this could mean for residents of Brisbane. KeyMe could find a niche as an easy way to get back in when locked out, but only if they are able to remedy some of the security concerns that currently exist. For professional locksmiths, KeyMe should not be too much of a concern. Emergency lockouts certainly constitute a part of their business, but other lock and key services still require the training and experience that only a professional locksmith can bring you.

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Lock Bumping: A Threat to Security

When it comes to your home, or business, security is paramount. One of the most commonly used techniques for a thief to compromise the security of your residential or commercial lock is lock bumping. For many years lock bumping has been a commonly used tactic for thieves because it allows them to disarm your lock in just a matter of seconds, with very minimal effort. There are a few simple improvements to your security that can be made to decrease or eliminate the threat that lock bumping poses. First it is important to understand exactly how lock bumping works.

What is Lock Bumping

lock bumping

View the animation above for a demonstration of just how easy it can be for a potential thief to render your lock disarmed.

Lock bumping takes advantage of the pin and tumbler system that most residential and commercial locks use. With the help of a little simple physics, a potential thief can use a bump key to get inside of your home in just a matter of seconds. A bump key is a regular key which has been cut and sanded down so that it fits beneath the locked pins (as illustrated to the left). Once the bump key is inserted inside of the lock, the thief only needs to apply force to the end of the key. The energy from this “bump” knocks the pins temporarily out of their locked position. After inserting the key and bumping the pins up, it just takes quick timing in turning the doorknob for that potential thief to be in your home or business. Due to the ease with which a lock can be bumped, it only takes a few minutes for one to learn this technique which is why it can present such an ever present threat. There are a few products that home and business owners can purchase to completely eliminate the threat of lock bumping for those who are looking to ensure the security of their residence or business.

How to Prevent Lock Bumping

As mentioned above, there are ways to protect your locks against lock bumping by simply taking some preventative steps. One of the least expensive preventative measures you can take is adding a secondary lock. Utilizing a secondary lock is effective in preventing lock bumping if you are occupying your home or business at that time, or if you are able to use another exit. By having a secondary lock armed you completely eliminate the threat of lock bumping since there is no way to disarm the secondary lock. However, this is not an effective method if you need to exit through that same door, which is a slight limitation to say the least.

If you want to maintain the current convenience of access you have at that entrance, then investing in a bump-proof lock may be the best way for you to eliminate the threat of lock bumping. In order to combat the issue of lock picking, lock manufacturers have produced a number of bump-proof models which vary in their defensive mechanisms. Due to the range of bump-proof locks and other lock bumping defenses, it is wise to consult a professional about the best plan of action for your home or business. Pronto Locksmiths is a perfect place to turn for just this information. With over 15 years of experience and product knowledge Pronto Locksmiths is the number one place to turn for any type of lock or key advice. Depending on your home or business, there may be no need for a bump-proof lock, before proceeding with any installation check with a locksmith. If you do choose to have a bump-proof lock installed professional installation is a must. The importance of a professionally installed lock can never be understated and without professional installation you leave yourself vulnerable to other break-in methods.

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The Advantages of a Master Key

Business and home owners who are tired of needing to carry around a large ring of keys to access every area of their home or business can turn to a professional locksmith to provide them with just one key that is able to open every lock they need access to. This type of key is referred to as a master key, and can be created by re-keying the locks which are already installed on your doors. These locks and the keys which are used to open them are referred to as a master key system. Using a master key system a home or business owner is able to have access every lock at the location, or even multiple location, without the need to carry around a large key ring. However, the benefits of a master key system do not stop with the convenience of just one key for yourself.

Having a master key system installed, especially at a commercial building, can also help you to get a higher level of security. Not only are you able to have a single key which can be used to open every lock that is a part of the system, but you are also able to delegate individual lock access to lower level employees relatively easily. This allows for the business owner and other higher level managers to have convenient access with one key, while ensuring that lower level employees get the access to the areas of the location that they need. By creating this separation, business owners and manager are able to create accountability knowing that only authorized personnel are able to access specific locks.

master key system

Master key systems are convenient and secure way for all employees to have the appropriate level of access that they require.


Benefits of a Master Key System

  • One easy key to access every lock
  • Easily delegate individual lock access
  • Create accountability based on access
  • Secures more sensitive areas of your location

Pronto Locksmiths is one company that you are able to turn to for completion of your master key system. With years of experience and product knowledge the professional locksmith who assists you will be able to come up the master key system solution which works best for your commercial or residential needs. Systems both big and small can be easily completed by Pronto Locksmiths. It is highly recommended to speak with a professional to help you to develop the master key system in order to develop the most effective master key system possible.

How Master Key System Differs from Re-key

Re-keying is essential to the master key system installation process. Re-keying is the adjusting of the pins inside of a lock’s tumbler in order for a lock to be operated by a brand new key. By completing this re-key strategically across multiple locks, our professional locksmith is able to develop a master key system with keys that have varying levels of access. A single re-key is generally completed on exterior entrance locks to prevent theft and burglary however, with the help of a professional locksmith, a system of re-keyed locks can help increase security across your business or home.

There are a myriad of uses for master key systems across both residential and commercial locations. Contact Pronto Locksmiths and discuss with our professional how a master key system is able to improve the ease of access and residential or commercial security that you have. Pronto Locksmiths will also be able to assist you in developing the master key system that will work best for the operation and needs of your home or business. Our professional will work with you to not only meet your needs and desires, but also make professional recommendations which can increase convenience while avoiding unnecessary costs.

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Deadbolt Locks: Simple yet Secure

Deadbolt locks have been a staple in residential and commercial security for years and they are not likely to go anywhere in the near future. The reason for this is the relatively high amount of security that they are able to offer at a surprisingly low cost. Almost every door has a simple knob lock fixed to it, which can be easily compromised by an experienced lock pick. Some home and business owners who are victimized by burglars are surprised to hear that simply having a deadbolt installed on their entry door could have prevented their loss from occurring, yet it is true.

deadbolt locks

Deadbolts are an inexpensive and effective addition to commercial and residential security.

A standard knob lock can easily be bypassed using a credit card or other flat object. Thanks to the nature of the deadbolt lock, this is not an effective way to disable it. It is highly recommended to have a deadbolt installed on any entry door which only currently uses a standard knob lock just for this reason. Without a deadbolt that is properly installed an experienced thief can disable a knob lock in just a matter of seconds, leaving your home open to burglary. By having and arming a deadbolt lock on your exterior doors, you can achieve a much higher level of security than with just a standard knob lock.

While simply having a deadbolt does increase the amount of security that you have on your door, receiving professional installation is key to ensuring that your lock functions properly. Having your lock just slightly misaligned can cause wear and tear or even worse, malfunction. By choosing a professional locksmith to complete the installation of your deadbolt, you can prevent yourself from needing further lock service in the future.

When it comes time to choose a professional locksmith to complete your deadbolt lock installation, consider Pronto Locksmiths. Pronto Locksmiths is available 24/7 and services wide range throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane. With over 15 years of professional experience Pronto Locksmiths should be your number one choice to complete your lock or key service. Choosing an unprofessional contractor can leave your security vulnerable and also lead to further repairs down the road. By choosing a lock professional such as Pronto Locksmiths you can have peace of mind that your locks are going to function properly.

The Future of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt may be a simple technology now, but in the near future, it may be more common to find smart technology in your deadbolt locks. Today Kwikset debuted their Kevo smart lock to the Australian market. The Kevo is a deadbolt lock which can be armed and disarmed through an application on your smart phone. This could become more common in the future, as technology because cheaper to mass produce, which could lead to a dynamic future for deadbolt locks. In the meantime, a standard deadbolt lock will help you to make your home or business more secure, without having to break the bank.

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Smart Locks, Wave of the Future?

Technology is seeping into our everyday lives more and more, this is no more apparent than in recent advancements to residential security. Smart phones are being integrated into home security making it easier for homeowners to have access for themselves, or to send access to someone else. Some are wary of new smart technology, concerned about safety and security issues which may possibly arise. In the coming months more smart locks will be hitting the market which will make it easier for consumers to decide whether this convenience is going to be plausible without compromising security or safety. Currently the Kwikset Kevo is slated to be the first smart lock to hit the Australian market October 1 and aims to take advantage of being the first lock of its kind to hit the market.

kwikset kevo

The Kwikset Kevo is the first smart lock slated to hit the Australian market on October 1.

While the Kwikset Kevo may be the first to hit the Australian market, both Lockitron and August intend to quickly follow suit. There is a main difference between the Kwikset Kevo and the two which wish to hit the market later. The Kevo (pictured above) is a completely new lock which would be installed on your door, while the Lockitron and August fit on top of the existing lock that you have installed. This is the main difference which causes the Kevo to have a slightly steeper price tag than the other two which are mentioned. This same fact also makes the Lockitron and August models more appealing to renters, who may not be allowed to change their entire lockset.

How Smart Locks Work

Some people may think that a smart lock may not be able to add convenience to their life, after all turning a key in the door knob is not a very tough task. However, a smart lock brings more to the table than just keyless access for yourself. Smart locks enable you to be able to send a digital key to deliverymen, babysitters or other visitors who may need access to your home while you are not there. Another benefit is that you are able to arm your lock, easily, from anywhere in the world. It is extremely easy to run out of the house while completely forgetting to lock your door behind you. With a smart lock, you can have peace of mind that your lock is armed and home is secure.

Smart Lock Security Concerns

Many individuals have been skeptical of how secure a smart lock can possibly be. These same individuals wonder if our security is not best left to the traditional lock and key systems which we see widely used today. One of these concerns lies in the encryption code which the Kevo uses. The encryption which is being used is a lower level than you would find in many high level government documents, which means these locks are likely vulnerable to experienced hackers. Thinking practically, it is unlikely that an experienced hacker would “waste” their expertise on a smaller target like a residential lock.

Future of Smart Locks

It remains to be seen if homeowners will welcome smart locks for residential use. Some homeowners may prefer the familiarity and security that a traditional lock and key set offer, which could slow the initial success that locks like the Kwikset Kevo will be able to have on the market. However, it is likely, that as prices of smart locks decrease and their reliability can be confirmed that they will become popular for the convenience that they are able to offer.

For now, you can rely on Pronto Locksmiths to be able to service all of the needs for your residential lock and security needs.

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Commercial Security: How can a locksmith help?

The security of one’s business is extremely important. Business owners need to have peace of mind that their commercial security is properly functioning so that they are able to focus on the other money making aspects of their business. There are many factors that play into commercial security, but a locksmith can be one of the best resources to turn to. A locksmith can put your commercial security in the best position possible for protecting your business. Beyond standard locksmith services which can be completed for your business such as emergency unlocks and lock installation, a professional locksmith can also offer a bevy of other lock services which can give your business the level of security that you want.

Experience Counts

When choosing a locksmith to assist you with upgrading your commercial security you want to ensure that this locksmith is skilled and experienced. For example the professional from Pronto Locksmiths has over 15 years of industry experience. By having a great deal of knowledge and experience Pronto Locksmiths is able to develop and implement unique commercial lock solutions, which less professional locksmiths may not be able to offer. As a business owner, you should be able to rely on your locksmith as a trusted source for information about commercial security and solutions.

What options are available?

Depending on the needs of your business, a professional locksmith can offer you a range of options to help improve the current standing of your commercial security. You may simply want to have a new commercial lock installed, our locksmith is able to assist you with this. However, he is also able to provide you with other services that can help to secure your commercial location. Re-keying is a viable option that can give you a more secure business location if the security of your keys has been compromised. For example, if a former employee has an extra copy of your business’s key and your lock is still functioning properly, you can have our locksmith re-key your lock to save you money. Rather than having the entire lock replaced, Pronto Locksmiths adjusts the pins inside of the lock cylinder so that the lock can be engaged by a unique key.

Advanced access control can also be completed by a professional locksmith and is useful for commercial clients who want to make access more secure and convenient for both customers and employees alike. To get options for what form of access control would be best for your business, speak directly with our professional. Based on the requirements and budget of your commercial security, our experienced professional will be able to determine which options would be best for you to select from. Additionally, safe services are also available from Pronto Locksmiths. A locksmith can help you to unlock a malfunctioning safe or change the combination on your existing safe. Depending on your model of safe, different services may be available, call Pronto Locksmiths to find out what services are available for your business.

The services listed above are just a small portion of the commercial lock services that can be offered to you by a locksmith to improve your commercial security. No matter which commercial locksmith service you need, make sure to choose a professional like Pronto Locksmiths to ensure that your service is completed correctly.

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When should you have your locks re-keyed?

Pronto Locksmiths highly recommends having a re-key completed instead of having your locks changed as a way to save money, while still achieving the same outcome that you would like. However, re-keying may only be a suitable alternative in some circumstances and customers should be aware of these to ensure they are always getting the best value for their locksmith services. To understand when you should have your locks re-keyed you first have to understand exactly what a re-key is. When our locksmith completes a re-key he is adjusting the pins inside of the lock so that an new key can function inside of the lock. This allows for a new key to operate in the lock and makes other version of the key ineffective.

1. Moving into a new home or apartment

It is highly recommended to have your locks re-keyed right after moving into a new home. The reason for this is that you can never fully trust who the previous owner gave keys to. By having your locks re-keyed rather than completely changed, you can keep any unwanted visitors from entering your home, without having to spend for brand new locks.

2. After employee turnover at your business

After an employee has left your business and previously had access to sensitive areas, it may be wise to have a re-key completed. By having this lock re-keyed you can ensure that they are unable to enter back into your business even if they made copies of your old key. Re-keying gives you that extra peace of mind that your business is safe.

3. When having a master key system installed

Master key systems are a great way to keep convenient access to your home or business. By re-keying all of your locks (even across multiple locations) our locksmith can  provide you with one master key that opens every single lock in the system. The locks can also be set to easily delegate individual access to just one part of the system. The combinations and customization options for your re-keying service are nearly endless.

To discuss your re-keying options, call Pronto Locksmiths today. Throughout Southeast Queensland our professionals are completing professional locksmith services from Brisbane to Gold Coast.

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